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Got Scrapers? Try the New Google Content Theft Blackhat Tattletale Tool and Rule Your SERPS

web scraper content theifWebmasters around the world wide web rejoice! The all new “Google Content Theft Blackhat Tattletale Tool” aka the Google Scraper Report Form may just be the answer to your prayers. To be honest, I can’t believe Google hasn’t created a tool for reporting content theft and scraper sites sooner. No question has been asked as often as “How do I stop web scrapers from stealing my content” by site owners. Now we finally have a way to tell Google content belongs to us and regain our rightful SERPS.

Matt Cutts announced on Twitter that Google has a new website scraper reporting form.

The official Google form page reads like so…

Google Scraper Report Form:

If you see pages with scraped content ranking above or instead of the original, please tell us more about it…. What’s the URL on your site where the content was taken from? What’s the exact URL on the scraper site? What’s the Google search result URL that demonstrates the problem? Copy and paste the Google search URL from the address bar. Confirm your site is following our Webmaster Guidelines and is not affected by manual actions. Our Webmaster Guidelines are located at For information about how to check if your site is affected by manual actions, see

You can even embed the Google Docs generated website scraper reporting form onsite like this. How such a huge SEO blackhat stopping tools has gone so long without being here I will never know, but I for one welcome our new Google Scraper Report Overlords Even the infamous Danny Sullivan over at Search Engine Land has tossed his two cents in…

There’s a slight negative in that potentially, someone reported for spamming as a “scraper” might have a valid copyright claim. But realistically, there are so many terrible scrapers out there, and the activity is often so obviously infringing, that removing such content on spam grounds would allow Google to apply more common sense to the problem, rather than virtual paperwork. From “Someone Outranking You With Your Own Content? Use The New Google Scraper Report” by Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Land [link]

After years of paying the price of bad rankings for other peoples blackhat seo efforts and scraped content theft… We, the content creators, may just have the search engine edge!

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One Response to Got Scrapers? Try the New Google Content Theft Blackhat Tattletale Tool and Rule Your SERPS

  1. Strikespeed March 13, 2014 at 12:54 pm #

    This is indeed a welcomed resource from Google. Content theft has been the bane of web content creators for as long as the internet has lived.

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